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GDPR Statement

General Data Protection Regulations – Consent Form for Job Applicants

In May 2018 the law changes about how companies record, store and use individuals’ personal data. Currently the Data Protection act cover how this is managed, but this new GDPR law means we have to change some of our working practices.


As a company we need to collect and hold data about you to enable us to process your job application. The GDPR laws places a further (and new) obligation for employers to tell their job applicants in more detail why we collect your data, what we do with it, and how long we expect to retain it.


We wish to obtain your informed consent about the data that we may hold about you as it provides you with a better understanding of how we will use your data.


We are not planning to transfer your data outside the EEA.


Your consent is requested


We would like your consent to hold personal and special data about you in order that we can process your employment application.


Type of data


1 Recruitment Data (Previous Employers, Types of job held at other companies, Skills and Qualifications obtained

Why we wish to hold it - This will allow us to make a decision on your suitability for employment/engagement

How long it will be kept for

Data obtained during recruitment will only be kept until either your application has been declined and then destroyed after 6 months

if a job offer is made and more comprehensive GDPR consent form will be issued


Ethnic monitoring data

Data relating to your racial origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc that are classed as protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010


We use this data to understand the ethnic make- up of our workforce and job applicants and it allows us to inform our recruitment process if we believe we do not have the correct diversity


This data will be kept for the duration of this round of applications and will then be destroyed


In giving my consent:

I understand that I can ask to see this data to check its accuracy at any time via a subject access request (SAR).

I understand that I can ask for a copy of my personal data held about me at any time, and this request is free of charge.

I understand that I can request that data that is no longer required to be held, can be removed from my file and destroyed.

I understand that if I am unsuccessful with my application my data will be destroyed after 6 months.

I understand the Data Controller for our Company is [insert name] and I can contact them directly if I have any questions or concerns. Their e-mail address is / their telephone number is 01827 289645.

I understand that if I am dissatisfied with how my company uses my data I can make a complaint to the government body in charge (Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF or at





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